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What is the practice/game/competition schedule?

Tackle Football/Competition Cheer:

  • Football practices start the first week of August, and are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Seamans Neck Park through August.  Teams may add a third practice on an as needed basis, occasionally on Saturdays.
  • Once school begins, we have the permit for every night at SNP and teams may alter their practice nights (religion conflicts, etc.).  Most teams remain on Tue/Thur schedules.  Football teams will often have a third "pre-game" practice as they approach the regular season and prepare for upcoming games. 
  • Cheer teams begin the first week of August and have practice two times a week at Seamans Neck Park and PAC.
  • Beginning in September, Cheer has practice 3 times a week - at the Harbor School with Saturday practices at PAC.
  • For tackle football, the games usually start the second week of September and are on Sunday mornings or early afternoons.  The season is 8 weeks long which lasts until the first week of November.  Older football teams (ages 8-11) that have playoffs may play two additional weeks bringing the season to mid November. 
  • Cheer competitions follow a similar calendar and compete in NCSA, wrapping up their season the 2nd week of November. 

Cheer Clinic (5 year olds)

  • The cheer clinic for 5 year olds begins the first week of August and lasts until the second week of September.  
  • Cheer clinic does not take part in competitions. 

Broncos Thunder Modified Program

  • Begins in early-mid August, practicing Tuesday and Thursday nights along with the tackle football teams at Seamans Neck Park. 
  • Games are played in the Under Armour Under the Lights Flag League in Massapequa.  Games start in early to mid September and last 8 weeks.  Games are usually Friday evenings, with the possibility of Saturday games. 

What football options will there be for 5/6 year olds in 2019?

In 2018, the Broncos introduced a new program, our Broncos “Thunder” 5/6 year old modified football team.  The team practiced at SNP with the other Bronco teams, took part in all the Bronco activities, but there was no contact and they competed in flag football games in the Under Armour Under the Lights league in Massapequa.  It was a great option for those who weren’t quite ready for contact football, but wanted to learn the game, and begin the transition to tackle football.  We also ran a 5/6 tackle team in 2018 with the plan initially being to only run the modified 5/6 team in 2019.  This decision was based on national, and local, declining participation rates, specifically at the younger ages, and us believing the modified program would draw in more participants, who in turn would transition into tackle football at the age of 7. 

This offseason there has been discussion and questions raised as to whether this plan is still in place for 2019.  The answer is yes, however, if there is enough interest in us running a tackle/contact team for 5/6 year olds, we would be willing to run it alongside the 5/6 modified team.  This tackle team would be contingent on having enough players, as well as volunteers willing to coach the team.  As a result, we ask that if you are interested in having your 5/6 year old play tackle football this coming 2019 season, please register ASAP.  Before making a decision, we must see if it is even a possibility. 

2018 was a great Bronco season, and we’re looking forward to an even bigger and better 2019!

What league does Broncos football participate in? Are there weight limits?

The Broncos compete in the Nassau County Youth Football League, which consists of single age, weight-limit divisions.  There is a preseason town weigh-in in August (no equipment - just cleats, shorts, and t-shirt), and then players are weighed in before each game with equipment on (no helmets).  Please see the 2019 weight limits below.

Age (age as of 12/1/2019)

Preseason Weight Limits

7 year olds (90 lbs)

8 year olds (100 lbs)

9 year olds (110 lbs)

10 year olds (120 lbs)

11 year olds (130 lbs)

The game day weight limit is the same as above, plus 10 pounds (accounts for equipment).


For 5/6 year olds, the following is from the 2018 NCYFL Rule Book:

1 a. There is NO growth allowance in the Six Year Old Division.

b. In addition to the Division weight specified in Rule 2.2 of the NCYFL Playing Rules, two (2) players will be allowed on the roster at a weight of 75 pounds.

c. These “heavy” players will be given uniform and scale allowances equal to all other players, and will be permitted to play in all games for which they make weight at their increased allowance.

d. “Heavy” players will be designated on the official roster and shall be issued a jersey number of 90 or higher. “Heavy” players are permitted to only play offensive line or quarterback. They may not carry the football.

e. If a “heavy” player should make weight at the 65 pound weight limit (plus uniform and scale allowance) for any game, he will be permitted to play any position.

f. Therefore, the scale settings for the 6 year old division are as follows:

85lbs. – 2 designated heavy players

75lbs. – all other players