The Long Island Broncos Football and Cheer Organization has served the youth of Seaford and surrounding communities since 1966.  We are in the process of gathering information regarding the many important figures in Bronco History, whether they be coaches, players, team moms, Board members, sponsors, etc.  It is our ultimate goal to eventually use the information collected to then select annual recipients to be recognized as Bronco Hall of Fame inductees.  If you would like to submit a name for inclusion, please click the link below:

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Broncos in the 60s

Wilbur C. Erb

Wilbur C. Erb was one of the founders of what was originally called the Seaford Broncos along with Al Johnson.  He also served in the capacity of President and Commissioner. He was also a football official for Suffolk and Nassau High School football teams well into his seventies.  His two sons Kenneth and Terrence played for the Broncos and daughter Barbara was a Bronco cheerleader.


Broncos in the 70s

Everett Austin Souther, Jr.

Everett was a coach, Board Member, Sponsor and Fundraising coordinator for the Broncos in the 60's, 70's and 80's. He spent 16 years in the organization to see that it was an established league with many opportunities to grow.


Whitey Miller

Whitey coached in the late 70s and early 80s, all while never having a kid on the team.  He dedicated himself to the organization and his players faithfully for many years, impacting so many in a positive way.  In the words of former player David Lampasone, Whitey was the true definition of a coach and mentor.

Broncos in the 80s

Broncos in the 90s

Broncos in the 00s

Wayne Podemeyer

Wayne was a great President for the Broncos organization. He always did what was right for the kids, and he also coached for at least 8 years.  Wayne's hard work and dedication is what led to the Town of Hempstead installing the turf field at SNP.


Dave Jaskolski

Dave began coaching for the Broncos in 2002, and continued coaching for 15 years through the 2016 season.  When first asked to coach, Dave had never coached before and considered it an honor and embraced it.  He rotated coaching his 3 sons and their teammates over those 15 years of continuous commitment to Bronco Football.

During Dave’s tenure as a Bronco coach he served on the Bronco board as a Vice President and also Equipment Manager and ran a Bronco coaches football clinic. As a coach, Dave was fair and believed in teaching the young athletes the fundamentals and most importantly developing a love of the game of football. Dave was not about the wins and losses, but about keeping the young athletes involved and sharing his knowledge with them and also to the coaches he worked alongside throughout his 15 years.

Dave's greatest joy is watching these young athletes continue to play the game of football most through high school, and a few to the college ranks, and knowing that he hopefully impacted their life as their youth coach in Bronco Football.

Josef Falletta

Josef is remembered for his his hard work and dedication to both the Bronco football and cheer teams.  Joe stood at every game and competition taking pictures of our children to ensure they were all highlighted in the Bronco yearbooks.  He spent endless hours compiling the books.  Josef continued to photograph the football teams even when his son was no longer playing.  Without his hard work, many Bronco parents would not have these wonderful memories to look back on.

Broncos in the 10s