1)  Registration fees are the same as 2015!  There will be no late registrations accepted.

2)  In-person Registration Nights will be April 12th (Manor) and April 19th (Harbor), both nights from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  All forms are posted on our website.  If registering for Cheer, please bring your cheerleader to be sized.

3)  Football registration is currently open online through www.longislandbroncos.com  If paying online, you do not have to attend either in-person registration night.  If you prefer to pay in-person, pleaseregister online in advance, choose “offline” payment and then bring your check to either registration night.  Your information will already be in the system, and we will then mark you as paid.  Once you register online, your 2016 TeamSnap account will be active and you will have access to your new team account.

**If you have both football and cheer in your family, register the football player(s) online, select “offline” payment, and then make one payment when you register for cheer in-person.   

If you have any questions regarding online football registration, please e-mail longislandbroncos@gmail.com

4)  For anyone interested in coaching for the upcoming season, please complete the application and bring it to either in-person registration night.