Please consider helping out the family of former Bronco, and recent SHS graduate, Carter Skretch who was involved in a serious accident and has a long road to recovery ahead of him. Carter is the son of Jaime Kern and Tim Skretch, two longtime active Seaford parents.  Carter’s family has been active with Broncos football and cheer for many years.  They are one of the most caring and generous families in Seaford, along with the strongest family around. Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Three weeks after graduating Seaford High School, eighteen year old Carter Skretch was vacationing when involved in a very serious ATV accident.  Carter was airlifted from the scene of the accident to an equipped trauma center hospital in upstate New York.  What could have been a terrible tragedy turned out to be a miracle, as Carter is with us and fighting harder than ever to recover.  A more experienced team of doctors was deemed necessary so after stabilizing him for a few days, Carter was once again medevaced to an ICU in a hospital closer to home.  Carter incurred multiple injuries, serious and extensive in nature.  The length of his hospitalization is currently unknown.  Upon future release from regular hospital care, he will spend a significant amount of time in a rehabilitation facility in either NYC or Westchester County.  Carter is the son of two longtime Seaford residents, Tim Skretch and Jaime Kern, who serve the public every day.  Tim is a Captain with the NYPD and Jaime is a nurse at Nassau County Medical Center.  Along with their large, extended family, they have given back to our community during times of illness and tragedy, time and time again.  It is our turn to repay their kindness when needed the most.  This “Go Fund Me” is being set up to raise money for all uncovered medical expenses, the two very costly medical evacuation flights and Jaime’s loss of wages, as she takes a leave of absence from her job to be with Carter during his hospitalization and rehabilitation periods.  No donation is too small and no donation is unappreciated.  Please give within your means and share this fundraiser with everyone on your FB and email friend lists.  The more people we reach, the more help Carter and his parents will receive.  Please also keep Carter and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  Prayers have been answered thus far but the road is long and they have only just begun.  Thank you to all who reach out and help.